We apply deep learning, the most powerful breed of AI.

We created an integrated hardware and software experience that enables companies to move quickly and stay ahead of the competition in AI. The combination of excellence in hardware (we are the only BENELUX NVidia EMEA elite partner for DGX2) and ease of use in software (an in house developed industrial platform enabling deep learning at scale) gives your organisation a critical advantage in the journey to become a more AI enabled enterprise. The American NIH chose robovision.ai above amazon turk to perform crowd labeling and deep learning at scale.

Our deep learning RVAI platform is scalable in many aspects. The data curation phase on-boards your data on the fast flashblade based storage systems of our storage partners (DDN or NetApp). Via a user friendly wizard you can activate a labeling session that gives you access to more than 60.000 labelers worldwide. Your data will be labeled within a breeze, just like the Uber car arrives some time after clicking the button in the Uber app.

While the labeling operation is ongoing, our platform scans for bias within the labeling crowd and uses deep learning in the background to generate a predictive model that proposes new labels in the next image, dramatically speeding up the session (an explanatory showreel of our tech stack will be published early 2019).

While the data is undergoing labeling, it’s being evaluated by labeling managers. Once approved, a cloud AI store is enabled and one can browse through different top notch deep learning models and evaluate how they perform on the data. At this point one can decide to publish the model, and make it available to other customers and organisations, monetizing pro tick (cryptocurrency systems are a possibility we are investigating currently).

When all is set, a restful API is created that enables your organisation and other customers (if applicable) to access the newly created top intelligence, from within your own IT ecosystem.

We enabled this pipeline successfully in many cases, the NIH the most prominent one (will be published in the media soon). Currently 500+ installations in all continents are running RVAI. We have some special focus on 3 verticals:

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Robovision.ai: Deep Learning Explained.

We've translated the https://robovision.be proposition into moving images!Have a look if you want to see how Deep Learning can work for you and your company!

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Unleash the power of deep learning on your business:

We co-create with you as a partner and add value to your existing business model by implementing our deep learning based technological stack in your ecosystem.

Deep learning superservers like the NVIDIA DGX-2 (demonstration available on premises) are not easy to use without a dedicated software stack enabling its power. RVAI does that job. 

Why deep learning & Why Robovision?

  • Deep learning creates algorithms autonomously, it’s like a perpetuum mobile for intelligence (you have to invest in electricity and compute though). The power is in the curated and labeled datasets, that’s why we chose to invest heavily in that part of our platform.
  • We provide the complete pipeline. From data preparation, labeling at scale, to cloudification of your intelligence (on premises or in the cloud).
  • A team of 33 leading experts (we’re hiring) can offer a wide variety of deep learning techniques and architectures, all grouped in an easy to use Robovision AI store, applicable in many markets.
  • We have an extensive background in optics, sensor technology, and general machine learning based image processing.
  • We are (preferred) partner of the big deep learning hardware and cloud providers (IBM, Nvidia, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud). We specialize in configuring our elastically (Kubernetes Docker based) scalable software stack on these platforms. The advantage is that we are not funneling to one particular silicon valley player, we offer you the best solution, depending on your needs (there is no cloud or on premises dogma).


Deep learning enables us to create intelligence from large amounts of complex data by using vast amounts of virtual neurons stacked in layers on top of each other. Enjoy our deep learning as a service model in selected verticals and read more about our value proposition.

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For specific tracks related to hardware development, Robovision works together with Robovision Integrated Solutions to combine the power of AI with the next generation of robots, building cost-efficient prototypes in a limited amount of time.

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“Robovision enabled us to create a genuinely interactive experience. Deep learning enables the robot to see  and interact with our employees.”


Patrick Danau, CEO AUDI




Robovision is at its best when we can serve large robotic farms in an industrial environment. We usually work with one powerful GPU machine (local cloud or ‘fog’). 

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Agriculture is a very good match for AI and deep learning.
There are so many types of crops that it is impossible to keep doing 
heuristic programming.

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Robovision specializes in human behaviour detection in video streams. From safety applications to the processing of a television stream. 

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To assemble a car, the car manufacturer needs a solid and validated flow of components. High tech scanning technology can guarantee that a specific compontent will arrive just in time on the production line. Audi relies on Robovision to fulfill this need.

By applying 3D deep learning on manufactured pieces Robovision checks if the right subtype is selected, and if a set of components is complete for a specific car type. In this case RVAI ensures that the WZB (the kit you use when you have a flat tyre) is complete and validated. Thanks to the strong GPUs from NVIDIA we keep the cycle time fast and snappy.


Pepsico manufactures and packages dorito chips in the highlands above Mexico City. With package branding changing so frequently, a powerful AI based central system is needed to teach branding very fast. The RVAI is the solution here. Reflective, blown up and unpredictable, recognizing orientation and branding at high speed is not for the faint hearted in this application.


The next horizon in our agricultural disruption is 3D. Natural products have a tendency to be highly unpredictable, in contrast to manufactured pieces. By configuring convolutional neural networks to 3D data we want to help the industry automate the handling of difficult products. A Jumbo 747 coming from Africa flies frequently to Amsterdam, full of Chrysanthemum stems. We want to grow them here in Western Europe and manipulate them with smart robots (that pick the stems from the mother plant. By doing so we can use the fertile ground of Ethiopia instead to feed the hungry in the region. The AI revolution can generate powerful secondary effects, disrupting the flow to cheap labour and creating a more harmonious world order.

Deep learning applied to the process industry

We apply deep learning to processes. By mounting a series of proprietary sensors on machinery, we are able to generate data that are used as input for a deep learning architecture. In this way we can teach the system what normal stationary behaviour is and how to properly detect anomalies.

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Happy to be chosen as #AI curator @HACK Belgium 2019, in a collaboration to prepare our society for tomorrow.

Happy to be chosen as #AI curator @HACK Belgium 2019, in a collaboration to prepare our society for tomorrow.

Since it’s our quest to democratize AI, we prioritize on helping other businesses and society implement this new technology. Happy to be chosen as #AI.. Read More →
Interested in how AI and GPU computing can revolutionise your business? Join us at the NVIDIA Enterprise Innovation Day in Driebergen, April 9th 2019

Interested in how AI and GPU computing can revolutionise your business? Join us at the NVIDIA Enterprise Innovation Day in Driebergen, April 9th 2019

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Elon Musk on AI regulation

Elon Musk on AI regulation

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