The intelligence in your company is its strength but also its most vulnerable commodity.

Start using Robovision AI to apply intelligence at scale:

Automating, interpreting, deciding with industry-defining accuracy and consistency.


Automation in agriculture

Quality inspection in on the production floor

intelligent video analytics

  • Teach your robot to pick, plant, inspect, judge, manipulate, prune or harvest new plant types, every day.
  • Improve process efficiency significantly.
  • Improve quality through consistent handling of plants
  • Detect and treat plant disease from an early stage.
  • Have an AI system absorb intuitive quality information from your top experts.
  • Use AI to guard the quality of your products, ever attentive.
  • Have your model absorb changing process conditions and new products without reconfiguration pains.
  • Monitor and interpret video feeds like an expert.
  • Retrain your AI to absorb abnormal or challenging conditions to create an intelligent model that thrives, in a matter or hours.

Unlocking it only requires a few steps.

I.  Test and run available algorithms from our AI gallery
II.  For best results combine Robovision AI with solid hardware from NVIDIA, IBM and/or opt for a cloud-based solution from Cloudalize or Azure
III. Teach and retrain AI algorithms on your visual data, for 2D, multi-channel or 3D
IV  Build applications for your whole company to use through drag-and-drop dashboarding

“Robovision enabled us to create a genuinely interactive experience.
Deep learning enables the robot to see and interact with our employees.”
Patrick Danau

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