, an introduction.

Leveling the AI playing field​

AI generates a competitive advantage for any organization utilizing it. For the technology to be a positive economic driving force it has to be accessible for any enterprise, organisation, or individual.

I. No coding required to put AI to work

Deep Learning can write its own code. Our platform therefore allows anyone to use AI technology. Just point out your interest, train the model and our software will deep-learn itself to help you out.

II. Observe, understand and action

Deep learning based on visual input can basically be applied anywhere. You can use it to search for imperfections in your product, or count the stars in the sky. The API generated on your model allows you to dictate any action you want from any robot or write it away in new database for further action.

III. The proof of the pudding is in the eating operates already in a large group of companies, covering a wide variety of industries, such as manufacturing, medical, agriculture, smart cities, etc. The software can be deployed in many different situations. You run the show, we provide the tool.


Our ‘software as a service’ is a true fast track to applying and managing AI in your unique situation. No need to hire any expertise on neural networks or deep learning strategy.

AI’s success hides in its models

Share, monetize or buy models model trainers can publish models. Give them out for free or license them. The model gallery allows you to piggyback of an existing model and use it as is or retrain and tweak it to something closer to your desires. The gallery already has some ready-to-deploy models, such as traffic monitoring, perimeter control, etc ...
Crowd labeling for easy model creation​
Deep Learning requires data. Labeling data is vital to the success of your model. Our inbuilt labeling tool allows you to get help from your peers or a crowd in our labeler network.
Continuous training makes perfect
Once deployed in your real life setting, you’ll be able to perfect your model while it is running. You can always increase your model's confidence by re-labelling it to perfect it’s training.

We’re here to help so you can get all the way

We help you find your potential

Going through our cases will help you along to see the Cambrian explosion of possibilities we’ve developed. However, if you wish, we can come and visit to workshop you on your way into becoming a true AI-leverager.

Great software loves great hardware

We can assist you with the selection of the right hardware for your needs through our exclusive partnerships with NVIDIA or IBM and vast experience with Cloudalize or Azure, whether you want to work locally or in the cloud.

Enjoy our network of specialized implementers

Every domain has its own challenges with seasoned experts. We’re happy to point you in the right direction.

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